Sauk Rapids Rice Master Agreement

Ziegler said the agreement brings the pay of SRREA members back on an equal footing with the rest of the area. “We are pleased that our colony is being developed so that people can focus on the classroom,” he said. The agreement puts sauk Rapid teachers` results back on track, Ziegler said. The previous comparison raised their wages to a competitive level after four years of little or no increase. Erik Newland, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services, is the lead passer-by for the St. Cloud Times. Reach it at 320-255-8761 or Follow him on Twitter @SCTimesErik. Others spoke during the meeting about how teachers left the district for better salaries and benefits. We`re on the second floor of Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. Please use the entrance to the district office (door #2) and climb the stairs.

In 2009, 2010 and 2012, union members should have ended without a pay increase, and by 1% in 2011, Ziegler said. With this regime, the treaty will again be in agreement with the rest of the region, he said. Members of the union, which represents about 360 teachers in the county, voted Friday in favor of the contract, Ziegler said. The borough voted in favor of approval at a board meeting on Monday before moving to a closed-door meeting to discuss negotiations for other negotiating groups. Sauk Rapids-Rice employs more than 675 full-time and part-time workers and approximately 150 alternates. We support a wide range of staff services, including staff, recruitment, staff orientation, benefits, work negotiations, labour relations and organizational development. The day-to-day activities of staff are a task of the district office and are overseen by the Director of Personnel and Administrative Services. Support local journalism. Subscribe today.

At the meeting, union members wearing white shirts and showing signs asked the board to agree on a new contract. Many teachers encourage speech to personally ask the board of directors to return to negotiations. “We`re just trying to stay competitive,” he said. “Teachers like it, they want to stay here.” The comparison offers a 2% pay increase per year, as well as increased benefits, especially health insurance, Superintendent Aaron Sinclair said in an email on Tuesday. SRREA members have been working without a contract since August, Ziegler said. Union members filled a classroom for Jan.