Cell Tower Lease Agreements India

Unlike an extension of the lease, an additional basic lease involves leasing an entirely new land to a separate organization. Once this lease is concluded, the new developer will install its own equipment on the land so that they can use the existing tower, which is currently part of the original base mile. To respond to your request, the signed version of your contract between you and the mobile operator must be displayed. (Please confirm whether it is registered or not?) While many mobile phone leases take general maintenance into account, mobile operators may attempt to make changes that the lease has never authorized. Many changes would require both parties to agree to amend the current lease based on the original wording. Does the revocation clause exist or not in the contract? There are several types of cell tower leasing to consider and each of them is worth a different amount of rental fees to property owners. Please quote the same so that you can get concrete advice. This is due to the very specific use of a cell tower, also known as the unmanned unmanned wireless communication facility. A Celltower lease is usually presented by the tenant, not the landlord.

This is quite the opposite of traditional and commercial residential rentals, where leases are generally developed by the owner. We know the leases and we negotiate them well on behalf of our client. Trust CellWaves. Due to our daily schedules, it can be difficult to set aside the time needed for research to assess the economic value of a mobile phone tower or dachant antenna. Many new mobile phone contracts are at the beginning of the options. The tenant makes a single cheque to the landlord and has the option to exercise the rental contract or pass on the possibility. We have received new leases in which tenants charge three (3) to five (5) annual options in exchange for payment of $100.00 to the landlord. Suggestions like this are a red flag, how serious is it that this tenant really rents your property? Be very careful if you give someone an option to do so for a longer period of time. What is this option worth to you? Buying country, but there is a 50-year lease on the microwave tower, it`s anyway to get out.

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